Don’t mix Drano and Kleen-Out Drain Openers

I knew Kleenout and similar acid drain openers are to be handled with care, but I never realized that you can be in grave danger if you find yourself in a situation where one drain opener has gone empty but you needed to top it off and accidentally used another one.

On the internet, you might see that it is a bad idea to mix different household chemicals. Usually, it’s a bleach and something else, and it is well-known information. There are multiple resources on the internet that state that you don’t want to mix bleach with anything else.

However, there are no resources that state the danger of mixing two different drain openers.

Drano has bleach. And it is not obvious!

I had about 8 oz. left of Kleenout, which I added to a badly clogged sink. It was full of water. I was doubting this was enough, so I decided to top it off with Drano. Bad idea? Seems pretty reasonable to expect that there could be situations like that where you ran out of your stock. However, this mixture started a chemical reaction and started to produce chlorine gas.

I was lucky to be able to escape immediately, turn on the ventilation and open the windows. I had to stay in a hotel for a couple of days to make sure I don’t get exposed to the toxic gases while sleeping.

I even called the poison control, and they said that I could have just left for a couple of hours and it would have been fine because, as they said, the concentrations are usually minimal.

However, the Kleenout sulfuric acid concentration is at 95%! And even the poison control representatives didn’t know!

I can easily see this happening to somebody who accidentally mixes the two! I hope you will be able to find this article through Google search and be able to avoid getting into a similar situation.



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