I had a dream this morning where I realized I was sleeping. I thought to myself that I probably should try flying, but as I started floating in the air, I felt a very familiar feeling that I felt when was in sleep paralysis and realized I wasn't safe. …

The Writer

In the light of the Christmas holidays, I had put some thought into what Christianity means to me, as well as where do I stand as a Christian at the moment.

Component I: Fear

When I look back on my journey as a Christian, I realize that there has always been a significant…


The first thing I noticed as I tried to do my research on randomness on the Internet is how difficult it is to find trustworthy resources and definitions.

I spent some time searching the web and trying to understand what is the general consensus on randomness. …

Kirill Novik

Whether I shall turn out to be a hero of this book these pages must show

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